I thought maybe some of my friends would like to know how's my new work, so here I am.

Today is the third day I work in the new company, and so far so good because everybody is extremely friendly. I don't see anybody is being rude, like who I met in China, so it made me a little bit weird when I worked there in the first, because I never heard "thanks" or "I am sorry" when I was in China.

So far, I didn't work in something major or any case, but help them file their papers, and stuffs. Maybe you will take it as a stupid and boring work, but I gotta say it does help a lot after I start to operate with customers. After all, it helps me to catch up sooner. And it's interesting that I don't feel boring about it, instead I think it's cool to make thing in order. 

The other thing I think it's a nice company is their company culture. Employees and employer work their as a team; not competitors or enemies to each other. They don't hide thing, but would love to answer questions and help!

Anyways, I think so far so good. Hopefully, I can work stably in the company for long-term tho & it's not bad to have a good start!!


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