Yes, I went to my interview this morning, and they offer me a job starting tomorrow, January 8. It took me a month to find this job, and I really hope that it's gonne be a very good chance for me.

For this past month, many interviewers said that I am too young to work for them. Somehow, I thought to be this young is a wrong thing, but to be honest, I do not think it's a problem, because it's really not about the age, it's about experience.

My future boss is a woman who did complain a lot for my generation, such as bad working attitude, gossip a lot, got to work late all the time, being irresponsible, take days off with stupid reasons, blah blah blah. I cannot say she is wrong about us, because there are people around my age doing stupid things. Thus, I had to convince her that it's really not who I am. I never went to work late, I never left the work early, I never take day off with stupid reason, and I never take day off in the first year working in that compnay. Anyways, whatever she said, I've never done that before, and I dont think I will do that in the future.

If everything goes well, I believe that it's gonna be a job which keeps me very busy most of the time. Besides, if my performance is good, I probably will fly everywhere from time to time. Good news is maybe it's a good thing to keep myself busy.

Now, I feel like I am a student who feels nervous/uncomfortable to go to school tomorrow. Guess that I really got used to have nothing to do for the past one month. Hopefully, I will be fine tomorrow and things won't go as bad as I think. Good luck to myself!


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