Surgery, Love, Patient Love, Family, Tragedy, Fight, Sex, break-up, Sadness, Happiness, Annoying, Pissed-off, Frustraction, Competitions, Saving Life, Mistakes, Faith.....

That's why I love to watch Grey's Anatomy, and I haven't found any season is worse than another season. I have wacthed Grey's Anatomy since I got back Taiwan. Whenever I am not looking for job, I spent most of my time watching this TV show online. My family is so curious why I can sit in front of my laptop for the whole afternoon or whole night to watch this show.

I thought hospital is hospital, and what will happen there are only patients, family, and doctors. No emotion involved between doctors and patients, but somehow, I forgot that doctors are human beings as well. Thus, there is chance doctors will put their emotion while treating patients. Hospitals usually not allow doctors to be that sensitive during the treatment, because it might affect their professional job. Therefore, there are rules.

Every episode I watched, it gave me time to have some thoughts. And I enjoy that moment the most. The funny part for me is that from time to time, there is an annoying person poping into the show, such as Adisson, Derek's wife. She was the bitch who slept with her husband's best friend, and then followed her husband to Seatle. I found her annoying because Derek choose to be with Adisson by leaving Meredith. However, after couple episodes, I found Adisson is actually a sweetheart and I love her personality a lot. And now, I am facing another annoying person who I don't think I will like her anyways...ROSE who acted like she is the ugly one and then made Derek hit on her. Oh, two more....Lexie and Dr. Hahn.....and now, Stevens.....all annoying!

The point is what behind the story always attracts me the most, because it does help you to think what you should do when things happen. These doctors may be dumb to deal with daily life because they have spent most of their time on studying and surgery, but they do learn piece by piece while they are dealing with each patient.

Hospital can be a small image of society. Different people come and go, and we also see life and death happens every single day. And of course, whatever happens in there always can bring us some thoughts or lessons which might be able to make us a better person.

I like Christina who knows what she wants, I like Meredith to be that independent, I like Stevens to be that thoughtful (hate her to be annoying), I like George to be that simple and cute, I like Miranda to be that justic and strong, I like Richard to be that dumb sometimes in life, I like Mark to be that funny and proud of his work and look, and I like Derek to love Meredith.

They are all very cute because you see how they can be so great/confident in the surgery, but so stupid to deal with their basic life. However, when you look back at yourself and look around where you at, it's really not that hard to know that you are actually one of them; same as cute as they are!


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