Since I finished my trip back to Taiwan, I started to look for job and after couple months of searching, I finally found a way to meet an agency who is willing to have a short interview with me to see if she could find me a proper position. Our meeting will be on Jan. 8, next week.

To be honest, I have no big confidence on myself to find a job I want here. It's not easy in many different ways, such as language and experience. It's Montreal so you need to speak French. As for experience, who would want to hire a not-enough-experience coming from outside of Canada? I understand all the prospectives and all the difficulties but I still have to try. The girl of the agency told me on the phone that their clients wish to have someone have experience within Canada. I understand but I need some chances. I explained to her my situation and it's actually a good start that she is willing to hear me out in person about my experience.

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